Stadtplan Stationen Kunstbummel Bad Belzig 2024 Rani B. Knobel

Saturday, 8/17/2024
at 11:00 AM

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8. Kunstbummel Bad Belzig
August 17th/18th, 24 - 11:00 am to 6:00 pm - Free admission!

Discover current art and cherished cultural treasures at 10 locations in the historic old town.
Come and have a look, engage in conversations.
For more information:

Saturday and Sunday, 10 stations in Bad Belzig's city center will open their doors together and warmly invite all visitors to take a relaxed journey of discovery through the historic old town between 11 am and 6 pm. Stroll from station to station and discover:

Current Art: The spectrum ranges from watercolors to photography, collages, drawings, acrylic and oil painting, sound and video installations, ceramics, porcelain, and object art. Exhibiting artists this year: Thomas Wernicke, Kathrin Pionschek, Doris&Vera Buhss, Brigitte Hessler, Stephanie Nückel, Karina Hilbig, Birgit Finke, Martin Helmut Schieder, Gabriele Kostas, Anando Arnold, Rani B. Knobel, Christof Reinecke.

Take a closer look, listen in, engage in conversation, and if you fall in love with a piece, you can purchase it directly from the artist.

Treasured Cultural Sites: Roger Loewig Museum, Heimatmuseum (Burg Eisenhardt), Organ Museum (St. Marienkirche), and the Reißiger Foundation are participating.

Music: In St. Marienkirche, Irene Roth-Halter (Switzerland) will play organ music on the Papenius organ, while in the Reißiger House on Sunday, gentle harp music by "Kasjopaja" (Julia Lehne) will be performed.
At the KleinKunstWerk, on Sunday at 6:30 pm, there will be the Kunstbummel concert:
Alix Dudel and Sebastian Albert: "Too Late. But It Doesn't Matter."

Dangerous songs and poetry by Georg Kreisler, Friedhelm Kändler, Hilde Knef... The magic of the concert lies not only in the special selection and compilation of the repertoire. It's the combination of Friedhelm Kändler's magnificent or quirky tunes with Knef's equanimity and Georg Kreisler's sarcasm that is fun and touching.

Admission to all exhibitions/events is free, except for the closing concert at the KleinKunstWerk where a generous 'exit' is requested.

Event entered by: Rani B. Knobel

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