Friday, 8/23/2024
at 6:00 PM

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Competition for the Kabarett & Comedy Award "Belziger Bachstelze"

4 female cabaret artists / satirists / comedians compete to win the "Belziger Bachstelze" through the favor of the audience. The winner will headline an entire event at the KKW KleinKunstWerk Bad Belzig in 2025.


FrauAndrea: Everything about marriage, diet, and good sex - and what to do about it
FrauAndrea, a woman with a big heart and an even bigger mouth, presents her entertaining program. She talks about her two diets, snoring men, and the ups and downs of her sex life with her tired husband, whom she calls "The Bed Corpse." New to the stage but experienced in life, she combines humor and intelligence, wonders about lactose intolerance and decreasing male potency, and raves about love and the happiness of life. She humorously explains the difference between machos and capuchin monkeys and why for her, it always remains "The Rest." "Strong women can do more!"

Cornelia Hellwig: Human cabaret with Chanson pianist ALMATAKÍA
Witty texts, versatile voice, fireworks of emotions!
Do you know the struggle in your own mind? The wild side ATAKÍA in conflict with the dominating, yet socially adapted ALMA. Can heart and mind come in harmony? The everyday madness, the tragicomedy of our lives.

Shakti Paqué: Songs from the deepest province
Shakti Paqué, accompanied by Mathias Paqué on guitar, performs "Songs from the deepest province" from the Palatinate Forest, where the stars shine brighter at night. Their style doesn't fit entirely into music cabaret or singer-songwriter genres. Maybe they are cabaret-pop or the latest German wave without electronics. Their feel-good music, which doesn't rely on idyllic songs, ensures that the audience feels better after the concert. The authentic, often humorous songs of the singer-songwriter duo from Kaiserslautern captivate far beyond the borders of the Palatinate.

Lara Ermer: Sugar jokes and whip
Lara Ermer's first solo program is a humorous blast. She playfully tackles societal issues like everyday sexism, sustainable living, women's pants pockets, and luxury camping. Fearlessly, she sheds light on the absurdities of everyday life and invites the audience to see life through her eyes. With sharp humor and quick pace, Ermer offers an entertaining rollercoaster ride that questions the society's taken-for-granted norms. One thing is certain: It has never been so much fun to have jokes and words whip around your ears!

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