Smash Comedy

Friday, 8/23/2024
from 8:00 PM to 10:30 PM

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SMASH COMEDY, Hamburg's queer feminist Stand Up Comedy Show, celebrates the women, FLINTA* & Queers of the German comedy scene - for more visibility of marginalized groups, individuals, and topics that are rarely featured on conservative comedy stages.

SMASH COMEDY is an alternative show with a different perspective and jokes about life, society, and being human. A stage without toxic masculinity, misogyny, and racism, queer- and transphobia - a stage for queers, non-binary individuals, women, lesbians, trans persons, among others - a safe(r) space, also for the audience. Motto: With maximum fun and diversity power against discrimination. Our stand-up comedy is not political cabaret, yet it is a political, a cultural activist act. Show your solidarity, educate yourself, train your empathy muscles, and come to our shows, we're looking forward to it! If you are FLINTA* or queer yourself and want to try stand-up comedy, write us an email at, and you'll get a spot in our show!

Event entered by: Sonja Schwabe

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