Sunday, 9/22/2024
at 3:00 PM

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Flo loves bread. Any form of bread: loaf, in slices or sliced. But most of all, whole grain toast. Wonderfully aromatic, hearty in flavor yet airy.
Flo hates everything that is orange. Why? Maybe because his parents (Paula, a spoon handle, and Fred, a lunch box) have a very different opinion on nutrition, or rather on healthy and balanced nutrition. This can only lead to conflict. Flo takes a stand and runs away. Always searching for his own way through the world of nutrition. Indeed, the best bread in the world.
Themes such as self-determination, obedience and personal responsibility, education, and relationship are addressed without regurgitating prefabricated opinions and thought models.
A story for children in kindergarten age with lots of music, exciting new, but also classic folk songs about the topic of food and nutrition.

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