Bassy Cowboy Club

Schönhauser Allee 176 a, 10119 Berlin
The Bassy Club offers a wide range of good music-STRICTLY BEFORE 1969! Hot Jazz, Dirty Blues, Western Swing, Country, 50's black R&B, Rock'n'Roll, 60's Beat, early Soul, Sixties Garage Punk, Blues, Trash, Surf, Exotica & ...



Bassy Philosophy
The Bassy Club is Berlin's best kept secret and offers a wide range of good music - STRICTLY BEFORE 1969!
> From Hot Jazz, Dirty Blues, Western Swing, Country, 50's black R&B, Rock'n'Roll, to 60's Beat, early Soul, Sixties Garage Punk, Blues, Trash, Surf, Exotica and more...

There's a little something for everyone interested in the preservation of DJing with VINYL ONLY, phenomenal one of a kind LIVE SHOWS, and all in all: WHAT´S GOOD!
We've also had the pleasure of hosting some of our heroes such as:
Wanda Jackson, Kitty Daisy&Lewis, Andre Williams, Nathaniel Meyer, Billy Childish, Dick Dale, Sky Saxon, The Standells, and many more...

Our regular crowd is between 25 - 55 years old, mostly good folks in their 30's, the golden years! ha ha ha.
We even had a 74 year old DJ, who has been at it on the turntables since 1965 - good for us!

There are a lot of guys around here on the lookout for hot chicks, but don't underestimate the ladies - they are working even harder.
Good manners and a touch of class help both sides to get what they're looking for.
There will be no harassment tolerated. If someone has gone too far, let us know and we'll send 'em out the same way they came in.
Sometimes alcohol has different effects on different people, which are not always good. And other people are just socially retarded.

If you have a little bit of soul along with some style and taste then this is the place for you.
And the more effort you put into your appearance, the better chance you have at getting in.
Bassy does not discriminate against Mods, Beatniks, Rockers, Cowboys, Teds, Dolls, Dandys, Burlesque Dancers, Artists, Circus Freaks&Music Geeks.

We like our men well dressed in Suits, Hats, Leather Jackets, Sideburns, Tattoos, Pompadours, Uniforms, Western Wear&Debonair just as much as we like our women in High Heels, Miniskirts, Petticoats, Corsets, Fishnets, Furs, Bikinis, Bunny Suits, and all the Glitter, and Glamour you have in your closet.

There are a lot of ways to look good so don't be a lazy slob, comb your hair, put on your dancin' shoes, and come out and have a drink with us.

A Cowboy never gives up
A Cowboy gets shot
A Cowboy is defeated by a woman
A Cowboy moves on
A Cowboy is stricken from gold fever
Or from diamond fever
A Cowboy has good luck
A Cowboy´s luck runs out
A Cowboy is always alone.
But a Cowboy never gives up! never! never! never!

(K. Bender der Ältere)

see ya at the bar

t. torpedo

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