Montag, 26.02.2018

Dent May (Indie, US)
26.02.2018 in Hamburg

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Dent May - self-described hotel bar lounge singer and aspiring daytime TV talk show host - has been charming his way into the hearts of music fans since the release of his debut album The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele on Animal Collective’s Paw Tracks label in 2009. The Mississippi-born, Los Angeles-based songwriter, performer, and Dolly Parton enthusiast has since released two more acclaimed records, Do Things (2012) and Warm Blanket (2013), dropped the holiday smash "I’ll Be Stoned For Christmas”, and played hundreds of shows from Shanghai to Chicago. His latest album, Across the Multiverse, is an interstellar voyage of mythic proportions.

"Don’t wanna move to Southern California / I wasn’t really meant for LA...” So sang Dent May once upon a time, now he’s eating those words with a side of avocado toast in his new Los Angeles bungalow. What made the lifelong Mississippi boy pull up stakes and head west? "No one looks at you funny if you wear a tuxedo to the supermarket.” What he means is he moved there to shake up his surroundings, clear his head, and write the most accomplished record of his young career, the magical mystery tour de force Across the Multiverse.

Following the lead of musical-polymaths-with-LA-ties before him like Brian Wilson, Van Dyke Parks, and Harry Nilsson, Dent’s style on Across the Multiverse will be familiar to fans of his previous work. Yet there’s something more refined about this collection... Stately strings mingle with boogie piano like old friends. Synths weave a celestial backdrop throughout. Every verse, bridge and chorus in its right place, giving it the unmistakable feel of a true songwriting craftsman at work. Lyrically Dent has never been sharper, musing on themes like modern romance ("Picture on a Screen”, "Face Down in the Gutter of Your Love”), existential dread ("Dream 4 Me”, "I’m Gonna Live Forever Until I’m Dead”), and the distance to the moon ("Distance to the Moon”) as he searches for meaning among the infinite scrolling feeds of our 21st century augmented reality. The title track, a duet with Frankie Cosmos, is a deep space love song about finding love beyond impossible boundaries.

Across the Multiverse was written and recorded in a sunny bedroom in LA’s Highland Park neighborhood, with Dent producing and playing nearly every instrument himself. The tracks were selected from dozens of songs written after the LA move, a gold rush of productivity inspired by late nights DJing rare disco funk cuts at local watering holes. It’s his first album for Carpark Records and will be released August 18th.

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Pokey LaFarge | Frankfurt
26.02.2018 in Frankfurt

Pokey LaFarge
Support: Jack Grelle

Einlass: 19.30 Uhr
Beginn: 20.30 Uhr

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Der in St. Louis beheimatete Sänger, Songwriter und Multiinstrumentalist schöpft aus der tiefen Quelle amerikanischer Musiktraditionen, um eine unverwechselbar eigene Musik zu kreieren, die eher zeitlos denn retro ist und Genregrenzen in einer Weise überschreitet, die die offenherzige Einstellung des Künstlers widerspiegelt.

Indem er seiner Musik Elemente von frühem Jazz, Ragtime, Country-Blues, Western-Swing und anderem einverleibte, hat LaFarge ein lebhaftes, zutiefst ausdrucksvolles Œuvre geschaffen. Durch seine umfas-sende musikalische Vision und sein Gespür für lebendige Geschichten hat er so etwas ganz Eigenes kre-iert. Darüber hinaus genießt Pokey LaFarge die Reputation, ein unermüdlicher und einzigartig charismati-scher Live-Performer zu sein, der mit seinen gefeierten Auftritten ein loyales internationales Publikum erobert hat.

Jack White, der seit langem ein Verehrer von Pokey LaFarge ist, brachte 2011 auf seinem Label Third Man Records die EP “Chitlin’ Cockin’ Time In Cheatham County” und 2013 das Album “Pokey LaFarge” heraus. Außerdem nahm er ihn als Opening Act auf seine Nordamerikatournee mit, als er sein eigenes Album “Blunderbuss” (auf dem Pokey als Gast auftauchte) live präsentierte. Im selben Jahr nahm Pokey LaFarge mit Vince Giordanos Nighthawks den Jazzstandard “Lovesick Blues” für den Soundtrack zu Martin Scorse-ses brillanter HBO-Serie “Boardwalk Empire” auf.

Im Frühjahr 2017 war Pokey LaFarge für zwei exclusive Shows in Deutschland, bevor im Mai das brand-neue Album "Manic Revelations" erschien. Nun kommt er 2018 für eine ausgedehnte Deutschlandtournee zurück!

Fotocredit: Nate Burrell
Release: Lick'n Flip - Space Vibrations EP
26.02.2018 in

Lick'n Flip - Space Vibrations EP
Releasedate: 22.02.2018

1. Lick'n Flip - Physical Reality
2. Lick'n Flip - Vibrations in the Space
3. Lick'n Flip - Chill N Trip

listen to it here:


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