Thursday, 10/31/2024
at 8:30 PM

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JAMARAM, the reggae octet that has been considered unsinkable since its founding around the turn of the millennium, with thousands of live shows under its belt, is far from being worn out!
Stand up against club and festival decline, against the courtship on the phone and living room lethargy with fabric and booze and Netflix with Jamaram (meets Jahcoustix) live & direct.
The band stands for peace, openness, and respect, against war, intolerance, and isolation.
Without borders and walls - colorful diversity and joy of life, in real life as in music.
You can hear it on the current release "Morning." The 9 titles available on vinyl were created in collaboration with long-time homie and reggae veteran Jahcoustix, addressing isolation through social media, propaganda, and shouting amidst drastically shortened but highly emotionalized discourses, breaking away from beaten paths & changing perspectives, always worth fighting for something you believe in. The message remains positive, ultimately about treating the planet and each other well, on both small and large scales.
The traveling circus in the world of reggae & rock'n'roll, being on the stages of Europe, Africa, and South America for 23 years, riding the rollercoaster of genres without ever becoming generic.
The stunning live show, as usual, offers bass-heavy modern roots, dubwise, Afrobeat, hip hop, and urban grooves, getting you moving and a guaranteed sauna & escalation. There will also be the occasional heart-breaking ballad and intelligent songwriter-storytelling for the head and relaxation.

The boundaries of the pop culture desert of Bayreuth stretch directly around Richard Wagner's Festspielhaus, and Waste was almost left to wither away here. But they didn't: tirelessly, the 4 guys pilgrimage from oasis to oasis and celebrate their 20th band anniversary in 2024. Stylistically, they have remained true to themselves: dirty pop with lots of live energy, a timeless mixture of pop with raw, authentic persuasion. Sharpened through countless club gigs, festival shows across the Federal Republic and beyond, and a good dose of self-initiative. In the fall of 2024, the 4 Franconian stuntmen will tour Germany again like in their younger years to mark the band's anniversary with a new double single.

Copyright: Jamaram

Doors open: 8:00 PM

Event data provided by: Reservix

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