Thursday, 9/26/2024
at 8:00 PM

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Welcome to the Connection Comedy Club - the place that will strain your laughter muscles! In an unforgettable mixed show, Capitol Dietzenbach and Altstadt Theater Dietzenbach present a total of six comedians with a colorful mix of stand-up, improvisation, and quirky stories. Experience comedy at the highest level with the following artists:

Susanne Fey:
I lead a life in the shadow of the overhead projector and get stuck in paper jams daily.
I am a teacher. I will tell you all about the (un)sense of the German school system, the capacity of the fridge in the teachers' room, the backstage area of parent-teacher meetings, and the poetics of a class register entry. Get off the mat cart and take out your notebooks! Those who are absent, please bring an excuse!

Christoph Visone:
The "colorful" mix of my professions, which has shaped my life like a rollercoaster ride – from wrench to spotlight, from torque wrench to microphone, from gear to acting. People stare at me and ask, "Why do you do that?!" Well, I call it my "brain farts" - these spontaneous ideas have brought me more careers than Benjamin the Elephant! But, it was worth it, and in my first solo program "Brain Flatulence," you can live experience how my bizarre ideas turned into an entertaining, versatile life! Let my "brain farts" surprise and entertain you!

Dark, evil, multifaceted, and definitely not politically correct, Tim Karasch plays "Hackenbusch," a socially phobic mama's boy or sometimes a multitosic city wanderer.
Skewed, otherworldly, with a lot of wordplay, and deeper than one might suspect, the audience is served the obligatory social criticism in the form of human weaknesses and abysses. It becomes clear again and again why comedy and tragedy are neighbors.
With his former duo, the "Frankfurt Class," Tim Karasch already played THE SCHMIERE more than a hundred times successfully in the pre-corona era.

Toby Käp:
Take self-irony, sarcasm, and no fear of topics that may seem too touchy for others, and have them performed by a person who is up to 50% disabled and doesn't quite know where his place in society is. Discrimination is not a problem, after all, he does it too, as taboo subjects do not exist for him. He talks about observations of situations, life, things that particularly concern him... all from the perspective of a hearing-impaired person. If he runs out of topics, he talks about his mother. If necessary, she has to serve – everything is addressed and taken humorously... and then there is his speech impediment, which he doesn't hide but makes fun of - understandably. That’s comedy with HandiKäp.

Nils Brunschede:
Nils Brunschede is a young man around thirty who writes wicked texts and plays the piano quite beautifully, which has already earned him invitations to several cabaret awards.
In "Denmark. Chansons," he sings about bizarre problem-solving ("All you need is a bit of remoulade"), megalomania ("Jesus, Jesus, Jesus"), and conflict avoidance at all costs ("I break up with you out of love for you"). Accompanying his songs on the piano is a matter of honor and financial necessity for him. For fans of laconism, absurd humor, and truly beautiful melodies, this evening is highly recommended.

Doors open at 7:00 pm.

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Connection Comedy Club - präsentiert von Capitol Dietzenbach & Altstadt Theater Dietzenbach