Wednesday, 11/6/2024
at 9:30 AM

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A piece for children without words with live music
for children aged 4 and above

When night falls, one dreams with closed eyes ... and sometimes with open ones too! Is there a colorful carpet dancing? And what floats majestically like a diva? Is there a little something scurrying around? ... shy, confused, funny, and mischievous?

With fabulous visual and acoustic ideas, the duo florschütz & döhnert plays with the imagination of young and old alike. Sometimes a piece of fabric is enough to create fascinating worlds, where absurd, amazingly lively, and freedom-loving beings are brought to life on the border between dream and reality.

Piece development: Michael Döhnert, Joachim Fleischer, Melanie Florschütz. | Artistic direction and lighting: Joachim Fleischer | Acting, scenography, and objects: Michael Döhnert, Melanie Florschütz | Live music and composition: Michael Döhnert | Costumes: Adelheid Wieser

Event data provided by: Reservix

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