Friday, 11/29/2024
at 8:00 PM

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A gigantic threat is causing fear and terror in a city. In a laboratory, a shady scientist tinkers. Colors, shadows, fog, and eerie noises accompany his tinkering. What is happening here? Is rescue near or are we all doomed?

"Plan B" is fun: Inspired by monster-trash films of the 50s-60s, it leads its audience to the ticklish threshold between delicious entertainment and the fringes of their own imagination. With few resources, self-recorded sounds, and repurposed everyday objects, "Plan B" amuses itself about the multi-billion-dollar special effects industry. Can one do better themselves: with imagination, cheekiness, and a lot of playful spirit. A great piece about what makes theater.

Concept, performance, and construction: Anne Brüssau, Emilien Truche | Concept, dramaturgy, and external perspective: Tobias Tönjes

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