Friday, 9/13/2024
at 8:00 PM

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Both archetypal female figures, "the witch" and "the maid", are poles of the same misogynistic matrix – both despised and feared. In a solemn and cunning invocation, "Magic Maids" disenchants the entanglements of the history of European witch hunts with global networks of care work and the exploitation of the female colonized body.

The internationally working artists Eisa Jocson and Venuri Perera have collected the doubly unheard stories of care workers in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia, whose echoes now haunt their bodies. "Magic Maids" is both ritual and dance performance: through embodying the ambivalent female figures, the dancers pledge themselves and the audience against the invisibility of care work and misogynistic structures. In an evening of dance, magic, and struggle, the broom no longer symbolizes oppression, but feminist resistance.

Photo: National Gallery Singapore

Event data provided by: Reservix

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