Monday, 12/9/2024
at 10:30 AM

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*For daycare and school groups, the price is 6 euros per person.
A maximum of 3 accompanying educators/teachers per group have free admission.

**Schools with a TheaterFLAT at the State Theatre have free admission to all group presentations at Theater FADENSCHEIN.

Orders can be made by phone at 0531 33 05 39 or by email at


Christmas in the Valley of the Trolls
A Christmas story from the far North

A Christmas story from the far North
In the far North of Finland, hidden under a thick blanket of snow, lies the Valley of the Trolls. Here, the little troll and his family spend their winter hibernation. However, one day, shortly before Christmas, the little troll suddenly wakes up. Everything is so different from summer! Where did this snow come from? The whole valley is in excitement because Christmas is around the corner. Christmas, the trolls wonder, what could that be? The old troll knows: For Christmas, you need a Christmas tree, food, and gifts. And so, the troll family gets to work.
A mischievous theater piece about the question of what Christmas actually is and about the magic and dangers of winter.

Theater Fadenschein
Puppets and performance: Miriam Paul | Director: Hanne Scharnhorst
45 minutes | for ages 3 and up

Group presentation | Bookable through Fadenschein Office at 0531 - 33 05 39 or

Event data provided by: Reservix

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