Sunday, 11/3/2024
at 7:30 PM

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1934 in the city's largest and most famous theater: Lucille Wiley, director of the opera company, is preparing for the unique event of welcoming world-class soprano Elena Firenzi for a guest performance of CARMEN. But Elena arrives much too late, feeling unwell, and then her husband Pasquale disappears after a passionate scene of jealousy. When Elena is found seemingly lifeless in bed due to an overdose of sleeping pills, it is up to the unassuming assistant Jo to save the evening and step into the role of the opera star, because one thing is certain: CARMEN MUST NOT BURST.

But as soon as Jo alias Elena alias Carmen takes to the stage, the real Firenzi wakes up and wants to take to the stage... and when Jo's fiancé and a true Dutch heroic tenor are out for romantic adventures, the confusion is perfect.

Based on Ludwig's world hit OTELLO MUST NOT BURST, here the ladies take over the direction, making the play fresh and charming as never before. An incredibly funny and crazy screwball comedy.


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