Thursday, 6/20/2024
at 3:00 PM

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Woyzeck (14+)
Play by Georg Büchner
The simple soldier Woyzeck supplements his meager pay by cutting hair. He even offers his own body for scientific experiments in order to provide for his beloved Marie and their child. Until there is barely anything left of him and all humanity is driven out of him. When Marie falls for the dashing Drum Major, there is no stopping Woyzeck, the naive and downtrodden creature. The victim becomes the perpetrator and the dizzying abyss sweeps him - and what he loves - away.
With Woyzeck, the 23-year-old aspiring doctor Georg Büchner wrote a socially revolutionary and radical text that remained unfinished. As a precursor of modern documentary drama, Büchner succeeded in a study that formulates socially relevant questions to this day: What conditions are necessary for a person to perceive themselves as human? What constitutes human dignity?

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