Thursday, 9/26/2024
at 8:30 PM

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Everything is getting worse, it's worse than ever before, such dreadful times, it's hardly bearable anymore. And times are bad, no question about it, but were they ever really better at any point? Isn't it more likely that the whole mess repeats itself over and over again? Maybe in faster circles, but fundamentally always the same? And perhaps we simply lack the broad perspective to recognize these constantly swirling messes around us as circles and then to possibly change their course or even interrupt their spinning?

Literature can often help in these situations, and even more so, music. In our special case, Kurt Tucholsky's thoughts on the passage of time and melodies that Robert Stadlober has captured from the chaos and set over Tucholsky's thoughts that are over a hundred years old.

It's about the impossibilities of human interaction. In matters of love as well as hate, about the futility of violence and the hopelessness of politics that seeks to convey itself through violence. It's about the longing for a kind of real life and the eternal struggle of the many for a small piece of the whole. And Robert Stadlober sings, speaks, and reminds us that not much has changed since Kurt Tucholsky said, "If we are not cruel for once, we immediately think we are good." Surely our times are not truly worse, but they are certainly not better either.

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Small Hall, Doors Open: 8:00 PM

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