Friday, 10/25/2024
at 8:00 PM

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Musically, it belongs to the region of the southern Alps like cappuccino to a vacation in Italy: The alphorn (and its little brother, the büchel). Therefore, it should not be missing in the concept of alpine coziness. But, it can also be quite different!
A fascinating instrument, enchantingly penetrating in sound – sublime and natural in construction and appearance and extremely versatile.
At least that's the case with the Modern Alphorn Quartet "Hornroh" from Switzerland. Jennifer Tauder and the three alphorn players present deeply from the soul of this natural instrument – sometimes they play with the unusual fundamentals of the natural harmonic series and at other times they eliminate the intonational "false notes" through cleverly choosing different base tunings of their up to 20 alphorns, büchels, conch, and natural horns.
Sonically, this creates summer alpine panoramas, cow battles, avalanches, nation-bearing soundscapes, and rhythmic collages.
A concert for listening, watching, marveling, and enjoying!

Doors open: 19:00 I Start: 20:00

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