Tuesday, 9/3/2024
at 8:00 PM

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Comedy, Juggling, Artistry, and Extraordinary
Andreas Wessels brings together the best of two worlds, artistry and comedy. The native Berliner performs around the globe and has been a prize winner at prestigious festivals in China, Japan, and France, among others. He even holds a record in the Guinness Book of World Records. It's fascinating to see how he brings various objects to life. His spectrum ranges from being a wild daredevil to a casual gentleman. He defies gravity when performing with his soccer-sized balls, showcasing a blend of manipulation, juggling, contact, and freestyle tricks. In "Whiskey and Cigarettes," one experiences the coolest and funniest way to light a cigarette. Things get chaotic and funny when he plays music with a ping-pong ball. And when he rotates five heavy oil barrels, one realizes that this man is truly unique in the world of variety entertainment. Among other places, he has performed at Broadway in New York, the Parisian Moulin Rouge, and the Berlin Olympic Stadium.

"The kid has superstar qualities. Like Enrico Rastelli back in the day, a god-favored favorite." (BZKultur)
"Mastermind, Andreas Wessels, occasionally has a sparkle in his eyes, the kind of glint only artists possess, those truly obsessed with their craft." (Westdeutsche Zeitung)
"Andreas Wessels is brilliant." (New York Times)
"Respect," Wladimir Klitschko
"Cool, man!" Dennis Rodman, ex-NBA basketball star
"Fantastic!" Paolo Coelho, writer
"Showoff!" Little boy

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