Wednesday, 8/28/2024
at 8:00 PM

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The glamorous chaos chant singer is an explosive mixture of Mata Hari, Mireille Mathieu, and Louis de Funès. With her impressive voice and enchanting radiance, she is not only an acoustic and visual sensation but a full-body fireworks display of emotions that strikes right into the heart. Enchanting comedy, absurd mischief, mischievous humor, and dazzling glamour alternate with moments of pure melancholy - magnificent and dramatic! A born show-stealer of the third generation, the prima donna never misses an opportunity to dispense valuable advice on sensuality, glamour, and denial of reality. She has a talent for turning any situation into a major event, always wrapped in songs from Edith Piaf to Dalida and Charles Aznavour. With a great sense of the grotesque and ambiguity, Maladée prefers to throw herself off balance. Surprise is her trademark. But the grand disaster is inevitable, and so it can happen that a chanson becomes a proverbial high wire act. Turbulent. Touching. Unpredictable. Maladée!

"Like a sparkling champagne, making the evening a delight and unforgettable."
(Siegener Zeitung)

"She is a gifted show-stealer. Everything Maladée touches, she wonderfully transforms into wit, frivolity, and farce."

"A glamorous discovery: Maladée plays the delicately French-speaking diseuse in a deeply plunging glittery outfit, whose charmingly claimed glamour regularly leads to outbursts of amusement in the audience."

Ground admission 17:00 / Tent admission 19:45

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