Wednesday, 6/26/2024
at 8:00 PM

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A Journey Around the World
We have put together an impressive selection of award-winning talents from different parts of the world in our program. The diversity and quality are truly remarkable. Here are some brief descriptions of the artists we would like to present:

The Flying Zuniga from Brazil:
This award-winning group of artists presents a breathtaking performance on the flying trapeze, being seen in Germany for the first time.

Duo Guilherme Sepuveda from Argentina:
A master of crossbow shooting, whose skill is one of the rare performances still shown in circuses.

Hula-Hoop dancer Ashley-Sydney, this young artist is only 18 years old, but her performances are anything but ordinary.

Joaquim from Spain: A true master on the tightrope. Joaquim has enchanted audiences around the world with his captivating performance on wire ropes. His acts are a perfect blend of elegance, suspense, and artistic skill.

Live orchestra of Circus Gebrüder Barelli:
Without this orchestra, our show would not be complete. The music is perfectly tailored to the performances of the artists, creating the right mood and atmosphere in the ring.

Admission one hour before the start

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