Saturday, 9/28/2024
at 8:00 PM

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Musically fresh and lively, Gitte Haenning presents her favorite songs in her current program. But in a fine, small lineup. Drums, bass, Gitte - that's all it takes to entertain you throughout the concert evening.

For over 60 years, this vocally and personally incredibly captivating artist has been on the road, swirling and singing and jumping vivaciously on stage at the age of 76. And she "still has more voice than most in her industry, even if they are younger," as the Berliner Morgenpost wrote after a performance at the beginning of the year, at the premiere of the new program. "Two seasoned jazz musicians, she doesn’t need more to open up musical worlds," the review continues.

Gitte Haenning clearly enjoys the program. She navigates through her enormous repertoire and in 2024 gives her music, stories, and passions an expressive fresh look in an exciting way - always looking ahead and always Gitte Haenning! And lastly: you don’t have to do without the hits everyone can sing along to. Maybe just wait a little. Other pieces are initially more important to Haenning. This also makes this concert evening very special.

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