Tuesday, 10/1/2024
at 8:00 PM

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Helge Thun, Mirjam Woggon, and Jakob Nacken have developed a new improv comedy format specifically for the Mauerwerk. Since 2013, this evening has been played to a sold-out audience at the Mauerwerk.

Bring along things you've been wanting to get rid of for a long time and be amazed at the adventurous scenes, sketches, and songs that arise spontaneously:

The old diving flippers in a pop song? The old miniature sailboat as a platform for a dramatic battle with a sea monster? The ugly tie from the last birthday as a freestyle rap? No one knows beforehand! Least of all the three actors themselves. Each evening is different but always hilariously funny and on the verge of genius.

And afterwards, feel free to exchange all your junk with each other! That's better than a flea market and funnier than eBay.

This event is sold out.

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