Saturday, 6/22/2024
at 7:30 PM

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Music knows no borders. Its language is international and tells stories of different peoples and generations. LA FINESSE deals with exactly that in its new program: overcoming, crossing, yes, abolishing boundaries to make music BOUNDLESS and without restrictions.

The crossover concerts and shows by LA FINESSE - for over 10 years now - are the perfect platform for this. "What is popular is also allowed," Wilhelm Busch already knew. Thus, the string quartet creates something new by combining the most diverse styles - the trademark of LA FINESSE!

Forget the boundaries of space and time and enjoy the moment of BOUNDLESS emergence, the spectacular live experience, and the expressive creativity of the team on stage. Be curious to see where the charming virtuosos will take you in their crossover concert. Because even the distance between stage and audience is becoming more and more BOUNDLESS! If cows can give better milk with Mozart, what will happen to you when you listen to a medley of Mozart's moving melodies in a classical-rock style? Do you know what Quodlibet is? Can you imagine Beethoven going on a concert tour with AC/DC on his 250th birthday? Will they sing together without knowing the song? Have you ever traveled with your ears? All these questions you will soon be able to answer. Music creates a BOUNDLESS connection between people.

LA FINESSE is looking forward to forging this connection with you.

Admission: 6:30 PM

Event data provided by: Reservix

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