Friday, 7/5/2024
at 8:30 PM

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Are you still salvageable?
Then come. Supertina saves everything that isn't up a tree by the count of three. Forests, orthodontists, garbage men, celery sticks, and state affairs. With superpowers like empathy, politeness, and omnipotence, she confronts Corona, climate change, and coyotes head-on.
And just to clarify: Yes, even Supertina tries to explain to her children that the room shouldn't only be cleaned up when the Wi-Fi signal can't get through anymore.

The cabaret artist and singer Tina Häussermann tells about her life between Wonder Woman and Wonderbra. She is in the right place at the right time this evening, contemplating the finiteness of superheroines. What will be carved in stone for her in the end? How about: Don't look at me like that, I'd rather be lying on the beach right now!

The recipient of the German Cabaret Award has concocted her latest mischief. Sociopolitical. Correct and incorrect, but always freshly tapped from the barrel. With a crown and flavor. No single room surcharge and hidden fats, but with her 88 black and white subjects. A bit of everything and a lot of everything.
The heroine is present.
Now it’s your turn!

Admission from 7:45 PM

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