Sunday, 6/16/2024
at 8:00 PM

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"In the historically documented history of humanity, nearly 14,400 wars have taken place, in which approximately 3.5 billion people have lost their lives. Since an estimated 100 billion people have lived so far, this means that every thirtieth Earth inhabitant has had to lose their life due to war." (Wikipedia)
If we count from around 1400 BCE, an average of 4.2 wars have occurred every year. Since humans have been able to think, differentiating ourselves from animals, it seems there has been no time when we could live TOGETHER peacefully.
With texts from world drama, literature, science, historiography, national anthems, and self-written pieces, actresses Katja Schumann and Silvia Ferstl along with puppeteer Sabine Effmert and director Frank Siebenschuh take an ironic and sarcastic look at this topic.

For adults
Duration: approx. 60 mins, no intermission
Directed and staged by: Frank Siebenschuh
Set design: Sabine Effmert
Cast: Sabine Effmert, Silvia Ferstl, Katja Schumann
An in-house production by the Ansbach Puppet Theatre with WortTaucher"

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