Saturday, 9/28/2024
at 7:00 PM

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The Handkäs Drama of the Nibelungen with the Dragon Páfnir

"Paff" - as the dragon Páfnir is affectionately called by his friends - has never been as lively! He brings the entire court of the Nibelungen back to life and his guests slip into the roles of King Gunther and the lovely Kriemhild during the fun search for a new hiding place for his treasure. Candlelight during the evening tour at Burg Rodenstein or a location of your choice and, of course, a sip of fiery dragon schnapps: "Echs und Hopp!"

And what does Páfnir's Godi Zilla have to do with all of this at the Louvre in Paris?
Questions upon questions that you should definitely meet with the Odenwald dragon soon to clarify...
You will certainly rub your eyes in amazement at the sight of this extraordinary appearance and then say: "Ei, guck emol!"

They have always existed - They will always exist - They simply exist!

More information at: Phone 0170 22 79 782

Meeting point at the main entrance

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