Sunday, 7/7/2024
at 4:30 PM

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Matthias Nawrat, winner of the Fontane Literature Prize of the state of Brandenburg 2023, like his great predecessor Theodor Fontane, turns his gaze towards the East. In all of his works, the dystopian "Unternehmer", in "Der traurige Gast", or most recently in the poetry collection "Gebete für meine Vorfahren", Nawrat grapples with questions of origin and identity. His responses, shaped by subtle humor, often turn out to be surprising and by no means conventional. In this, he also shares a similarity with the politically alert namesake of the prize.
In 2024, the 200th birthday of Emilie Fontane, the writer's wife, is also being celebrated. She can rightfully claim to be a co-creator of his work. Her correspondence outside of the marriage with contemporaries will be presented to the literary public for the first time next autumn.
Peer Trilcke, President of the Fontane Society, will speak with the 2023 Fontane Prize winner Matthias Nawrat about poetry and politics past and present, moderated by Anne-Dore Krohn.

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