Sunday, 7/7/2024
at 12:00 PM

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The "Inkworld" novels by Cornelia Funke are like a rainbow in the gray of conventional young adult literature - Humanism in novel form! Cornelia Funke not only tells a nerve-wrackingly exciting and entertaining story about love and betrayal, life and writing, but the "Inkworld" saga is also a declaration of love to literature itself.
This is also true for "The Color of Revenge" - the eagerly awaited fourth "Inkworld" book. The story revolves around a book illustrator who can literally erase people through his work. It is about the moral responsibility of the artist for their work. "Art didn't care about a few hungry children! Great art demanded sacrifices!" thinks this illustrator. And another character explains: "Books... don't trust them. They can take you away, to foreign places, to other worlds, just through the words they contain." Cornelia Funke will read from "The Color of Revenge" on the last day of the festival and discuss the dangers and beauty of literature with Denis Scheck.

Official presale starts on 4/19/2024

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