Saturday, 7/6/2024
at 8:00 PM

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Iris Wolff and Dana Grigorcea have published two artist novels this year that have their starting point in Romania - but at very different times. “The emigration was inevitable. Like an addiction. Everyone feared being the last,” writes Iris Wolff in her novel about Transylvania, told in wonderfully dense language, and impressively narrated backwards, chronologically into the past. "Glades" deals with broken hearts, shattered national identities, and belonging as a decision.
Dana Grigorcea, also born in Romania and currently living in Switzerland, sets her artist novel "The Weight of a Bird When Flying" in present-day Italy and 1920s New York. In her newly released novel, Dana Grigorcea tells cleverly and entertainingly about the delicate relationship between life and art, exemplified by a contemporary novelist who delves into the sculptor Brâncuși. In her previous novel "The Ones Who Do Not Die," she portrays the contradictions of different forms and layers of society in a family novel, and shows the effects of Ceausescu's dictatorship and neoliberal capitalism on a village in the Carpathians.

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