Saturday, 7/6/2024
at 6:00 PM

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Caroline Wahl and Jessica Lee let the heavily battered protagonists of their books find comfort and new vitality in the water. Caroline Wahl, author of "22 Lanes," the favorite book of independent German bookstores in 2023, introduces her new novel "Wind Force 17" here. Caroline Wahl has a X-ray view of the depths behind everyday life. This is also evident in her new novel "Wind Force 17," in which she allows the young Ida to end up on the Baltic Sea island of Rügen after the death of her mother and stay with the innkeepers Knut and Marianne in the "Seal."

Canadian Jessica Lee publishes the literary magazine "The Willowherb Tree," a platform for authors of color and Nature Writing. In her touching memoir "My Year in the Water," Lee writes about why she swam through 52 lakes around Berlin to overcome her heartache.

John von Düffel, dramaturg (and from 2025 artistic director), professor of dramatic writing, author of numerous plays, non-fiction books, and novels. The eloquent swimmer by passion wrote often and extensively about the element water. Six of his books feature the word in the title, making John von Düffel predestined to lead the conversation with Jessica Lee and Caroline Wahl.

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