Saturday, 8/17/2024
at 4:00 PM

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Marek Toporowski, Harpsichord and Harmonium
Piotr Domagala, Jazz Guitar

Original music at the intersection of jazz,
contemporary music, and folk

The subtlety of jazz sounds, flawless compositions, and virtuoso interpretation are the main strengths of the collaboration between guitarist Piotr Domagala and harpsichordist Marek Toporowski. The perfection of classical music blends with the expressiveness of jazz music. Piotr Domagala's compositions offer an excellent, original, and stereotype-breaking session prepared for the virtuosic eccentricity of the musicians. The combination of jazz and electric guitar with baroque harpsichord and harmonium at the Kulturkapelle promises original sounds.

Marek Toporowski is one of the pioneers of historically informed performance practice of baroque music in Poland; in recent years, he has also discovered his love for many other keyboard instruments and musical genres. Marek often connects seemingly distant areas of music in his work. He is a respected soloist – harpsichordist and organist, chamber musician, and conductor. He founded the Concerto Polacco ensemble specializing in historical performances which first performed almost 30 years ago in the Uckermark. Many works of early Polish music were premiered or recorded under his direction. He has received the Fryderyk Award four times for CD recordings.

Piotr Domagala is a jazz guitarist and lecturer at the Jazz Institute of the Music Academy in Katowice. He is the creator of original music projects at the intersection of jazz, contemporary music, and folk and has won competitions for guitar masters. His extensive discography also includes four original albums: "Chowaniece," "Vines," "Slavonic Tales," and the most recent, "Music for Jazz Guitar and Harpsichord." As a guitarist, he has collaborated with leading figures in the jazz music scene and was involved in the world premiere of the project Pat Metheny & NOSPR. He performed with American singer Marguerite Juenemann, blues singer Karen Caroll, German improviser Richard Ortmann, and many outstanding artists of the Polish music scene, including Piotr Wojtasik, Lech Dyblik, Krystyna, and others. He produced a musical performance "Komeda-Before the Day Rises," which was well-received by audiences and critics.

Photo: Marek Toporowski

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