Friday, 9/20/2024
at 7:30 PM

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Wolfgang Krebs - "BAVARIA FIRST!"

Edmund S., Prime Minister of the former Bavaria, has always known: Bavaria, the best federal state of all, puts in more effort than all the others combined! And what does it get in return? It finances the others! He has always dreamed of making Bavaria independent. Bavaria as the England of the Federal Republic! Away from the rest of Germany! Done with federalism! "Bavaria first" The dream comes true. At least as an illusion. Who is in the cabinet, what is the relationship with the friendly states of Austria and Baden-Württemberg? At the end of the evening and the dream, will one say: Oh yes, that would be nice! Or rather: Thank God it's just a dream. Wolfgang Krebs is as always alone on stage, as always together with many characters. He shows what Edmund's dream could look like. If Bavaria becomes independent to prove to the world on its own: BAVARIA FIRST!

Admission: 6:30 PM

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