Thursday, 7/4/2024
at 8:00 PM

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In the unique rustic setting of the open-air museum, we are expecting a unique five-piece band this year. The Stilvagabunden from Berlin combine all sorts of musical ingredients to create a wonderfully down-to-earth treat for the palate, garnishing sophisticated home cooking with homemade brews. The brass band Schnaftl Ufftschik embarks on a culinary journey through musical styles, eras, and flavors in their latest program, inviting you to a truly opulent musical brasserie snack. On the snack plate you will find Brubeck's Blue Rondo ala Turk, alongside Sting's Seven Days or classics from Renft. Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake resounds next to the good German evening song. All of this is served up with equal parts affection and a fresh twist. The musicians of the now legendary Berlin band play in the lineup: Boris Bell, Stefan Gocht, Reinhard Gundelwein, Johannes Siedel, and Lutz Wolf. They are the chefs who present Schnaftl's BRASSerie with the right spice, rhythmically and with verve. A delight for all the senses! (Quotes by Frank Nägele)

Doors open at 6:00 pm, including free entry to the open-air museum on the day of the event and shuttle bus service.

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