Sunday, 6/30/2024
at 7:00 PM

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Occident and Orient

What connects the peoples of Europe, what separates them? - Borders separate - Music
connects. And it is carried across borders!
Already in "Black Run" by the Swede Svan Henryson, alongside jazz and
pop elements, there are oriental sounds.
The melancholic Berceuse by Finnish composer Armas Järnefelt has become a sort of hymn in his homeland.
Staying in Finland: In 2003, Erkki Palola composed "Reflections" for piano.
References to Bach, quotes from Beethoven - and a lot of humor!
Edvard Grieg's highly emotional and high-energy sonata for cello and
piano, based on Norwegian folk music, had been forgotten for a long time.
Completely unjustly, according to Anna Adamik and Martin Merker!
After the break, we find ourselves in the Orient again: German composer
Barbara Heller wrote variations on an Iranian revolution song in 1989:
"Dedicated to all Iranian women"
Then we head to Turkey: Pianist and composer Fazil Say is currently one
of the "shooting stars" in the world of (not only) classical music. The journey takes us
through four Turkish cities: with many folk music quotes. The cello sometimes sounds like
a shepherd's flute, the piano imitates Turkish percussion instruments. With lively
sounds from the tourist metropolis Bodrum, the concert comes to an end...

Martin Merker, cello / Anna Adamik, piano

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