Sunday, 6/23/2024
at 2:30 PM

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What is the American Dream? Boundless freedom? Venturing into the unknown? The path from poverty to wealth? Tolerance and peace of mind?

Many people from Baden and Württemberg set off for the United States. They fled from poverty or persecution, wanting to save their lives. Or they sought success and adventure. They all had and have their own American Dreams. For some, they came true, for others, the dreams burst like soap bubbles.

The major special exhibition tells stories of people who have left southwestern Germany for America over three centuries.

Guided tours of the major special exhibition "American Dreams - A New Life in the USA" are offered every Sunday at 2:30 PM.

Duration: approx. 1 hour Fee: 4 euros (plus admission)
Meeting point: Foyer in front of the special exhibition

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