Sunday, 6/23/2024
at 7:00 PM

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"The Professor and the Beloved Pi" is the title of the second full-length solo program by mathematics professor and piano cabaret artist Timm Sigg.

Self-deprecating, empathetic, and witty, Timm Sigg sheds light on the pitfalls of relationships between nerds and non-nerds. He delves into essential questions of life such as: "Has Pippi Longstocking revolutionized mathematics?" or "Why will there soon be no more engineers?"
Everyone will enjoy the show, not just the super-nerds to whom he dedicates their own anthem in his program. Above all, as already demonstrated in his first program, self-proclaimed math haters find their greatest pleasure in the subtle lyrics, virtuoso piano playing, and in short, the clever guy!

Photo: © Finn Sigg

Doors open at foyer: 6:00 PM, Hall doors open: 6:30 PM

Event data provided by: Reservix

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