Saturday, 9/28/2024
at 8:00 PM

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The FAUST material is centuries old. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's "FAUST" is a universe of German poetic art that leaves enough room for modernity.

Our children, our friends, even our opponents need "FAUST" for retrospectives, for recognizing the present - daily, like the air we breathe, like our daily meals! Therefore, a new interpretation, like "FAUST 'n' Roll," is another milestone in engaging with the great classic by Goethe.

"FAUST 'n' Roll" was produced based on an idea by Michael Manthey, the CEO of the renowned Manthey Event GmbH, and, of course, based on the texts of Johann Wolfgang Goethe.
The team around Michael Manthey brought their experience from the production of "FAUST - The Rock Opera," which they successfully managed hundreds of times over 14 years.

The theme of "FAUST 'n' Roll" shows strong influences from the fantasy world of "Steampunk," which has been skillfully woven into the story and the demeanor of the characters. "Steampunk" is a role-playing genre where an alternative reality to our world of combustion engines and electrical engineering reigns. Temporally, it is set in the late 19th and early 20th centuries and almost frozen in the era of steam engines: Everything operates with steam, with rough mechanics, which is reflected in the recurring motif of gears. People wear technically modified fashion of the Victorian era, top hats, corsets, and frock coats are distinctive. So are the protagonists of "FAUST 'n' Roll," who feel comfortable in these wonderful costumes. Just as the play with different time layers, wonderful leaps through the role world bequeathed by Goethe also emerge through the costumes.

The digital stage design enhances the impact of the performance, helps to avoid pyrotechnics, and cleverly blends multimedia with real effects - giving each scene a special depth. Two LED walls, which can be combined into one depending on the scene, serve as a backdrop and pillars of the stage design.
The performers of "FAUST 'n' Roll" are all professionals in the musical business, and the stage musicians are a highly professional live band that plays gentle rock ballads as captivatingly as dance-inducing pop songs and bombastic stadium rock anthems.

With humor and charm, catchy tunes and hits, special effects, and great acting and singing skills, "FAUST 'n' Roll" has breathed new life into the classic as a "Rock theater according to Goethe" and will continue to inspire many future generations for this timeless material.

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Doors open: 7:00 PM

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