Thursday, 7/18/2024
at 7:00 PM

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The duo Felice and Cortes present their two outdoor shows "Selling Stories" and "Bus Stop Stories" in the park of Villa Hecking, offering a spectacular program for the whole family!

There are musicians who can captivate you so much that your heart opens up. There are artists who make you marvel, leaving you speechless. There are stories that are not only told but take their listeners into a different world. And then there are artists who can do all of that at once. Just like Felice & Cortes, the Berlin duo that combines music with artistry into a unique mix.

Selling Stories:

This exceptional street show has been celebrated throughout Europe and America. The audience holds its breath! Cortes Young juggles while playing the drums as Felice, the emotional singer-songwriter with her wonderful soulful voice, creates goosebumps. The magical story of two travelers who collect stories and retell them in other places, for other people, using music, show, and artistry is told. Additionally, Felice & Cortes impress with their acting talent, funny anecdotes, and the little rat puppet Tom. With their drum podium on wheels and a small self-made backdrop, the duo is a real eye-catcher.

Bus Stop Stories:

During a spectacular bus breakdown, bus driver Cortes meets street musician Felice. The stories of the passengers, the city, and passersby are told. The audience experiences the school crossing guard with a virtuosic paddle juggling act, a zebra crossing dance, witty bus conversations, the night bus with drums on the upper deck, and much more. In their own special way, Felice & Cortes enchant their audience with their new and by now 3rd show. The entirely unique elements of music, show, and artistry are combined into an unforgettable experience. Playing into the hearts of people with breathtaking artistry, touching music, and unique show elements & special effects has been the duo's specialty for years! An unforgettable experience for the whole family!

Doors open: 18:00

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