Sunday, 8/18/2024
at 7:30 PM

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Behind the name ClockClock is the singer/songwriter Boki and the producer collective around Mark and Feezy - the trio creates the exceptional ClockClock songs and energetic sounds of the band. Characteristic of ClockClock's music: the emotional honesty, to convey only what is going on inside them. ClockClock's journey began 7 years ago in a jam session in Palatinate and led to three #1 hits on the radio by 2023 ("Sorry", "Someone Else", "Over"), the first sold-out tour, and shows with artists such as P!NK, SIMPLY RED, and One Republic.

In 2024, the band wants to inspire with their journey so far; to inspire and make it clear that it is worth dreaming and giving everything for it with the right people by your side. Just as ClockClock showed us with the sold-out "Dreamers" tour in January/February 2024.

"DREAMERS" - A tribute to being lifelong dreamers, the band wants to show their personal perspective on the world in the upcoming era. Embracing all facets of dreaming - including challenges and downsides - ClockClock aims to inspire dreaming and show that no one is alone even in the shadows of dreamer existence.

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