Thursday, 11/7/2024
at 8:00 PM

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Energy crisis. What energy crisis? Stoppok was, is, and remains an exceptional presence on stage - a master of the magical moment. The Hamburger with a Ruhr area imprint loves the energy of the authentic moment, he likes it live and vibrant, he is a captivating entertainer and a unique singer-songwriter, like no other in this country. Risk and spontaneity distinguish him, turning concert halls into intensive care units full of surprises and improvisation. One who writes such meaningful texts and songs (from "Dance" to "Numskull" to "Weather Prophet") can also dare to do so. With the singer and multi-instrumentalist, who has been awarded the GEMA Music Authors' Prize, the RUTH World Music Prize, and the German Cabaret Prize, entertainment becomes attitude, insanity turns into humor and hope. Even after more than 40 years on stage, Stefan Stoppok still hits the right note and addresses current issues.
With his 20th studio album, he now finds himself in the "Devil's Kitchen" (Glitterhouse). It's served: After his recent chart success "Jubilation" (the album entered the German charts at number 4 at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020), Stoppok now presents the new songs with his accomplished band on tour. "Devil's Kitchen" has become a powerful statement, oscillating between references to Dylan and Solomon Burke, recorded analog and direct. Stoppok's musical response to the ubiquitous plague of digital over-concealment. The singer knows that thinking and matters of luck do not get in the way. Especially when humans and nature tend towards elevated temperatures. The road to hell is famously paved with good intentions. Or with good songs.

Text: © Andreas Radlmaier

Photo: © Sebastian Niehoff

Admission: 7:00 PM

Event data provided by: Reservix

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