Tuesday, 6/25/2024
at 8:00 PM

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Choreography: John Neumeier / Eric Gauthier / Jíri Kylían / Marco Goecke

Fluttering butterflies in the stomach. The first love. On cloud nine: With "Love Letters," the Bavarian Junior Ballet Munich dedicates this evening of dance to the many faces of love.

Virtuosic and captivating, the ensemble performs in John Neumeier's interpretation of Bach's Suite No 3, bringing to life images of lavish Baroque festivities, and in three other dance pieces, the seductive, passionate sides of love.

The sometimes threatening, sometimes exhilarating sounds in Mussorgsky's Witches' Sabbath "Night on Bald Mountain" conjure the dark, instinctual sides of the human soul. With abrupt changes in tempo, racing crescendos, and tension-filled silent moments that explosively discharge, the dance becomes a demonic spectacle where evil battles with good and the ugly with the beautiful. An obsessively pleasurable frenzy, impressively portrayed by Eric Gauthier and the dancers.

Set to Gustav Mahler's "Songs of a Wayfarer," Jíri Kylían paints empathetic images of a young man's lovesickness. In wonderful harmony with the music, the dancers lift their partners in magnificent flights through the air, sway in pairs in synchrony, lose themselves in intertwined spins, women rise as objects of adoration only to fade away as dreamy figures.

The musical driving force in Marco Goecke's "All Long Dem Day" is Nina Simone's song "Sinnerman," where a sinful man seeks to escape God's punishment. At the outset, the repentant man is driven across the stage by a pounding piano. As he seeks redemption through an intimate duet with a woman, he and the other dancers are called to turn away by an ecstatic mix of rocky beats, compelling chant-like vocals. A call demanding love for one's neighbor in the face of increasing violence and torn societies, passionately and expressively delivered by the ensemble.

Established in 2010 as the first Junior Company in Germany, the ensemble of sixteen members is still the largest Junior Company today. Under the direction of Ivan Liška, the group has danced its way far beyond the borders of Bavaria into the hearts of the audience: As cultural ambassadors of the Free State and the city of Munich, the Bavarian Junior Ballet has successfully performed on stages all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Israel, and Hong Kong.

"The Bavarian Junior Ballet Munich is breathtaking." (Jerusalem Post)

Admission at 7:30 PM.

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