Saturday, 6/15/2024
at 9:00 PM

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Summer Edition: The biggest hits of an entire generation. To close the indoor season, we will let it rip before the holiday. At the eighteenth edition of the party series, DJ Eddi & DJ Van Heck will once again present the classics of an entire generation, from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the turn of the millennium - and also the biggest hits of the 00s. The two boys will once again turn on the time machine and musically navigate through the decades. Pop, rock, grunge, Eurodance, and the beginnings of techno and house music - they have cleaned up their old childhood bedrooms and dusted off the biggest hits. A gigantic bash with all sorts of electronic beats and deep bass is about to begin. Into the depths of the night, the dance shoes will glow, the floor will shake, the foyer will boil, and high-proof mixed drinks and the occasional glass will provide the much-needed refreshment. Sing Hallelujah!

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