Saturday, 6/15/2024
at 7:30 PM

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"From the Soul with Full Throat - The Bandspecial" is aimed at all people who enjoy singing and have always wanted to be accompanied by a live band. Everyone is invited to this special event: those who think they can't sing at all, those who can sing a little, or those who sing often and enjoy it. Singing will be done without sheet music, as the lyrics will be projected onto a screen.
This evening is a special appointment to sing! In addition to the fun of singing together, trying out and experimenting, and the enjoyment of failing together, this evening will be accompanied by "Unsre kleine Band". They will play classics from the rock and pop history, nasty hit songs, as well as new German wave and summer hits. All four top musicians will sing at the top of their lungs on stage without holding back, igniting a fireworks of good mood that is highly contagious, resulting in a large spontaneous choir with a rich sound.
Patrick Bopp - Piano and Moderation (e.g. Füenf)
Dirk Blümlein - Bass (e.g. Fools Garden, Dee Tee Kah)
Jens Kouros - Guitar (e.g. The Voice Kids, Andreas Gaballier)
Till Müller-Kray - Drums (e.g. Fireball)

Patrick Bopp, alias Memphis, is part of the Stuttgart vocal comedy group "Füenf" and will lead the evening as a musical host. He will sing, conduct, motivate, offer backing vocals, and accompany from the piano. The four band friends will have fun on stage and immediately transfer this to those singing along. This will create a creative session with plenty of room for improvisation and development, with one thing in the foreground - the joy of connection among each other and of collective action!

Admission and refreshments from 6:30 pm.

Event data provided by: Reservix

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