Sunday, 11/10/2024
at 5:00 PM

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We are living in difficult times today! People have more questions than answers, and many find it hard to keep their heads above water while keeping their feet on the ground. Thielke wants to help people! - And he knows how to do it! -

Growing up in Itzehoe, he obtained his secondary school leaving certificate at a young age. After deciding on a career at the post office, he quickly rose to the highest heights of the non-technical postal service, assisting thousands of customers at the counter with advice and action. He knows the worries and needs of people exactly! - And he doesn't leave them out in the rain! - He is highly competent, fond of animals, and has a secure pension.

Thielke feels like someone who has been greatly blessed by life.

And now, beyond the age of 60, he wants to give something back. To his audience!! - To you!! - He answers questions that were never asked. - Furthermore, he is a real Jack-of-all-trades! He sings, dances, juggles, tells hilarious jokes that will bring tears to your eyes!

A comedy program at the highest level of a civil servant!

Doors open at 4:00 p.m.

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