Friday, 6/14/2024
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Germany in the year 2057. Common sense has, quite literally, prevailed. Genetic engineering, medical early detection, strict hygiene laws prevent even the outbreak of colds. Mia Holl, a young biologist, was until recently a proponent of a system that rigidly protects citizens from physical suffering. But since her brother Moritz was convicted of murder of a woman through a DNA test and then committed suicide in prison, Mia has been derailed. She doubts Moritz's guilt, neglects herself, no longer submits her dietary reports, even smokes a cigarette. The justice system targets her, as Mia's behavior endangers the common good. Mia becomes a pawn in a show trial that captivates the nation. Her main opponent is the journalist Heinrich Kramer, whose book "Health as a Principle of State Legitimation" is a key work of the prevailing doctrine...

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