Saturday, 6/22/2024
at 8:00 PM

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Whether Isa tells the truth, whether her stories about her journey through a sometimes enchanted land, about the people and figures she meets along the way, are freely invented, remains a mystery. What is meant is the great mystery of life, the question of what life consists of. "Bilder deiner großen Liebe" is a road novel. Isa is on the road without fear. Perhaps she is an outsider, perhaps (metaphysically) homeless, but what is certainty, security, what is normalcy, when one cannot hold onto anything and when one has everything one needs for life: one's own mind. In the direction of Tom Schneider, the actress Sandra Hüller plays, sings, and tells Isa's stories, who has achieved great success, among other things, with her role in the film "Toni Erdmann."

"Zum Niederknien, Einfach wahnsinnig gut – Tages-Anzeiger"


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