Sunday, 6/23/2024
at 8:00 PM

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The story takes place in a tranquil small town that could be anywhere. Here, 63-year-old former assistant manager and local patriot Erwin was sent into early retirement due to financial cutbacks. To avoid sinking into insignificance, Erwin decides to do an internship at the confectionery "Süße Versuchung" (Sweet Temptation).

The owners, Tobias and Ferdinand, are a gay couple, which initially poses challenges for Erwin. Nevertheless, he accepts the internship and commits to it. He enjoys the work, but the townspeople are not really warming up to the vegan-gluten-sugar-free trend pastries and the new owners. The confectionery falls into financial difficulties, jeopardizing Erwin's job once again. The spark of an idea: he can support the company not only with his financial expertise but also by helping them become the official caterers for the bourgeois town festival, so that not only their business, but also their delicacies are on everyone's lips.

In "Everyone Loves Cake - A Delicious Comedy," not only does Erwin learn what tolerance means, but the two bosses also learn to appreciate the old, white man and his experience and expertise. The play humorously seeks to mediate between life realities and entrenched positions. A theater evening that questions one's own resentments and shows that things are better together, no matter how old or how gay!

Regular price: 30.00 €
Dates: June 19 - July 13, 2024, Premiere: June 19, 2024
Time: 8:00 PM

Book: Ellie Carina Lorscheid
Director: Thomas H. Heep
Set Design: Loriana Casagrande
Cast: Stephan Schill, Tobias Rott, and Matthias Rheinheimer

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