Friday, 8/16/2024
at 8:00 PM

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The Steiner & Madlaina Summer Open Air
Open-air grounds at Club Tante Ju

Nora Steiner and Madlaina Pollina from Zurich will release their new album "Risk" on April 14. The two lyricists are friends of clear words, their song lines are precise in structure, the sentences free of Denglish and hype speak - and yet they always manage to incorporate a modern twist, a double bottom, an unmasking of false expectations with these classic means.

Although love songs prevail on "Risk," the music is anything but ballad-like in the meantime. This has a lot to do with the creation of the album. Nora and Madlaina secluded themselves with their band for nine days in the "Black Box Studio" in Normandy for the recordings of the twelve songs of the new album. There, all takes were recorded live and produced by Giuliano Sulzberger. Madlaina Pollina positively raves about this time: "We recorded the basic tracks there. Drums, bass, guitar, the piano too. There was a beautiful piano there that we were allowed to use. We had prepared the songs beforehand so that we could record everything in nine days - or actually eight, because one was spent on setup. I have to say: The recordings count among the best times we have experienced as a band. We all slept in one room and Giuliano did a perfect job, probably because he's a good friend of ours and also in our age group."
"Risk" by Steiner & Madlaina is once again a very personal matter. One that they occasionally shake up with a cheeky statement. The first single "Paradise" has this note.

At the latest in the chorus of "Paradise," you will have lost your heart to this song and preferably have a good wine in your hand: "In my Garden of Eden, no bombs will ever fall / Welcome to paradise, let the corks pop," sings Nora Steiner, while Madlaina Pollina and the rest of the band heat up the mood with a stoic rhythm, before Nora sings very condescendingly and with a hint of what the British call a "sneer" (and the Germans have not adequately translated yet): "Only orange trees grow in my Garden of Eden / Where the red wine flows, there are good people."

The album "Risk" follows the predecessor "Wünsch mir Glück," which reached number 2 on the Swiss album charts and number 32 in Germany. Steiner & Madlaina will soon announce a tour as well.

Admission from 7 pm, standing places

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