Wednesday, 6/19/2024
at 10:00 AM

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Play about identity issues by Andreas Schierl
For ages 13 and up.

Who am I? And do I want to be that way? Samuel, 17, has to repeat a year of school and ends up in the class of Sophie and Fabio. The new guy seems cool, yet aloof. On school days, the three of them always hang out together. Does Samuel, who already seems quite manly, have feelings for the lively Sophie? If so, he manages to be quite clumsy about it, even though Sophie seems to have some interest in him as well. On the other hand, she also seems to really like the quieter Fabio. But Fabio doesn't seem interested. Does he like Samuel? Is he maybe gay? And who is this mysterious "Madame_XY" on Instagram who keeps idolizing Samuel? Amidst laughter and arguments, emotional fluctuations of all kinds, and moments of solitude, the three try to navigate their relationships. But the roles are not as clear-cut as they may first appear.

"Fluid" portrays three young people who are searching for their self-image. Where do feelings like love, jealousy, or sadness belong? Is it okay to admit that one is uncertain, vulnerable, sometimes just "lost"? And how much courage does it take to stand up for one's own desires and longings?

On stage: Chris Irslinger, Laura Albrecht, and Ruben Dietze
Directed by: Rob Doornbos
Photo by: Julia Melnyk

The play can also be booked for schools on special dates at the theater, and under certain conditions, can be performed at school.

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