Saturday, 6/29/2024
at 8:00 PM

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You want to know what my new cabaret program is about? I have to disappoint you. I can't tell you today what act I will perform tomorrow. Maybe today I gossip about milk alternatives and tomorrow they diagnose me with lactose intolerance. Maybe today I make fun of gendering and tomorrow I feel like a hydrangea in the body of an orchid. Maybe today I publicly stick myself to the highway and tomorrow I go on a private cruise with my mom through the Mediterranean.
But I should issue a trigger warning just in case.
Because something in this program will definitely hurt feelings. Whether it's my absurd observations from everyday life, presented in my rural-rustic way, or the one Italian aria that reminds you of your forceps birth.
If you ask me, cabaret and comedy are more like a personal choice anyway. Either you like me and we spend a nice evening together or you don't like me and send me your mother-in-law. However you twist it:
Probably it's me!

Martin Frank or Frank Martin?
Whether on TV or live on stage, the young man who goes by the first name Martin has become an indispensable part of the Bavarian cabaret scene. Born in 1992 as a summer child right in the middle of farming work in Lower Bavaria, he was early on shaped by the tension between art and the cowshed, which seamlessly transitioned into commuting between the countryside and the big city.
Martin is a cabaret artist, book author, actor, and a rejected singing student from all music universities. He has been awarded, among others, with the Bavarian Cabaret Prize (2018), the Prix Pantheon in Bonn (2019), and the Grand Cabaret Award in Berlin (2019). Starting in autumn 2023, Martin Frank will tour the German-speaking region with his current fourth cabaret program "Probably it's me."

Door Open: 7 pm

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