Sunday, 6/16/2024
at 8:00 PM

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At night, firstly all cats are gray and secondly, people do not like to be alone. The wisdom of proverbs and Schlager songs remains eternal truths. Götz Alsmann on his new album as well as in his current program makes the night the focus of the evening. Or the evening the highlight of the day? In doing so, he draws on select gems from the history of Schlager, on melancholic as well as humorous masterpieces from 1910 to 1965 - and he does so unlike anyone else. It is no wonder that the singer and pianist Götz Alsmann is considered the "King of German jazz Schlager". Naturally, his current whirlwind tour through the songbook of true classic Schlager music and the captivating rhythms of jazz history would not be possible without his legendary ensemble! The Götz Alsmann Band, which has circled the world several times with their boss on their tours, once again stands for musical top quality and tireless dedication:

- Altfrid M. Sicking (vibraphone, xylophone, and more)
- Ingo Senst (double bass)
- Dominik Hahn (drums)
- Markus Paßlick (percussion)

"Götz Alsmann ... at night ..." – more than just a bedtime story!

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